God and the
Gay Christian

The Biblical Case in Support
of Same-Sex Relationships

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Matthew Vines has accomplished a rare feat in this book, combining a detailed mastery of a wide range of material from the ancient world and the Christian tradition, a clear and articulate writing style, a deep commitment to his Christian faith, and an incisive judgment that can cut through complex arguments and mountains of data, and identify the core issues and their implications for human life. This book makes significant contributions, not only to ongoing scholarly conversations but also to the average person who wants to probe more deeply how to think about God and the gay Christian.

-Dr. James Brownson, Reformed theologian and New Testament professor; author of Bible, Gender, Sexuality

God and the Gay Christian is a game-changer. Winsome, accessible, and carefully-researched, every page is brought to life by the author’s clear love for Scripture and deep, persistent faith. With this book, Matthew Vines emerges as one of my generation’s most important Christian leaders, not only on matters of sexuality but also on what it means to follow Jesus with wisdom, humility and grace. Prepare to be challenged and enlightened, provoked and inspired. Read with an open heart and mind, and you are bound to be changed.

-Rachel Held Evans, blogger and author of A Year of Biblical Womanhood

Matthew Vines lives at an intersection of identities: a committed, theologically conservative Christian who also happens to be an out gay man. In offering both a scholarly and profoundly personal reconciliation of a duality often depicted as hopelessly at odds, he performs a public service that is valiant, hopeful and long overdue. He points the way forward for all those still stranded at the intersection.

-Leonard Pitts, Jr., Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and author of Freeman

A must read for all Christians, but especially parents. Matthew Vines brings great insight and wisdom to the conversation so urgently needed by today’s church. God and the Gay Christian has the information I was searching for when my son, Tyler Clementi, came out to me. This book will have a great impact on families, freeing parents of misunderstandings about their LGBT children while letting them hold securely to their faith.

-Jane Clementi, co-founder of The Tyler Clementi Foundation

Matthew Vines brings within reach of non-specialists the rich store of scholarly work on what Scripture does and does not say about same-sex relationships. Coupled with his poignant descriptions of the damage done by traditional exclusionary interpretations, his book is an essential resource for all who seek to find their bearings in the current debate over the Bible’s teachings for gay people.

-Dr. Mark Achtemeier, Presbyterian theologian; author of The Bible’s Yes to Same-Sex Marriage

For anyone who wants to know why some Evangelicals find that the Bible does not condemn same-gender marriage, Matthew Vines’ book answers the question. Christians who oppose gay marriage should consider what he has to say.

-Tony Campolo, PhD, Eastern University

Matthew Vines’s well-read and well-argued book deserves to be read by all those who have suffered in silence, but also by members and ministers of Christian communities struggling with the recognition and appreciation of their gay members.

-Martti Nissinen, Professor of Old Testament Studies, University of Helsinki, Author of Homoeroticism in the Biblical World: A Historical Perspective